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The frostiness of Skardu, beautiful Skardu

Trek Beyond Skardu – Embraced by Nature

Three months back my friend called me up and asked: “Would you want to go on an expedition up north, Skardu in particular?” I retorted with total ease: “Sure I’d go on an expedition”. Afterall, how could someone say no one to one of the best places to visit in…

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Sindhi Culture, Discover Pakistan

A Culture with a 1000 Shades – The Sindhi Culture

I was born in Karachi, the seat of province Sindh. My grandparents migrated to Pakistan when my father was a wee little boy. He married his childhood sweetheart and I opened my eyes to the world a year after. Despite being born in Sindh, my family nor my education ever…

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Best Things about Pakistan, Heaven of the World, Beautiful Pakistan

Best Things About Pakistan

  A few years ago, Pakistan was rattled by terrorism and religious fundamentalism, the lowest point being the incident at APS. However, the country is not as maligned as it was 4 years ago, in fact, Pakistan’s tourism industry has blossomed in the past 3 years, generating a lot of…

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Beautiful Pakistan, Pakistan Tourism Places, Best Places in Pakistan

Best Places for Honeymoon in Pakistan

One of the most exciting adventures a newlywed couple looks forward to is their honeymoon. It is the expedition full of love that prepares the couple for the longtime journey of life. In this article, I shed light on the best places for honeymoon in Pakistan. I tied the knot…

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best places in Pakistan, Kalash Valley, Pakistan tourism places

Beautiful Places in Pakistan – Journey to Kalash Valley

I am a freelance blogger part time and an engineer full time. The life of an engineer means no social activity and work 24/7. I get some yearly holidays from my company, which I usually do not avail. This time though, I took my quota of leaves and went to…

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Hopar Valley

Valley Of Gold – Hopar Valley – Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

When one talks about Pakistan’s tourist attraction, you usually hear names like Gilgit, Hunza, Swat or Skardu. But today I am going to tell you about one of the most beautiful places in Gilgit Baltistan. About 10 km’s ride from Nagar Khas, one arrives at Hopar to behold this picturesque…

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Mohenjo Daro historical place

Mohen Jo Daro | The Ultimate Tourist Attraction In Pakistan

“One’s destination is never a place, but a way of seeing new things” – Henry Miller My interest in traveling developed back in 2012 when I went with a group of friends to the glacial regions of the north. I realized that the world is full of surprises and the…

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chaukhandi tomb

Chaukhandi Tombs – A Haunting Remnant from the Past

In this blog, I aim to shed light on a place that is not very well documented over the internet. This place is a remnant of the glorious past of the Jokhio tribe. I am talking about Chaukandi – the sandstone necropolis. Some say its haunted, others use the term…

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tharparkar Desert

Tharparkar – The Heritage of Sindh

Pakistan is a place filled with mysteries and paradoxes. To understand its dynamics, one needs to explore the unchartered territories. In this blog, I attempt to unravel the beauty of Tharparkar – the largest district of Sindh. I have always preferred to discover places in complete solitude, as it gives…

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Cholistan Desert

Pakistan Ka Plus – Cholistan Desert

My name is Rizwan Ahmed, and I work for Punjab’s department of archaeology. My work takes me to places far and wide. This also means that I get to see some fascinating sites in Pakistan. From the glacial regions of Gojal in Gilgit Baltistan to the dry, arid lands of…

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