Season 3

Pakistan is filled with breathtaking and jaw-dropping sites! We take you on a journey of peace,
serenity and wilderness. Get ready to experience the astounding beauty of Pakistan like never
before with season 3.0!


It’s time to explore the captivating beauty of Pakistan. The most awaited season of the year is coming our way on 28th December!

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is one of most scenic valleys in Pakistan. This amazingly beautiful valley is well-endowed with spectacular scenery featuring hilly terrain, green meadows, snow-clad mountains and streams that cut through the region. Pakistan Ka Plus is thrilled to present the unexplored beauty of this valley.

Kalash Valley

The Kalasha Valleys – located in Chitral District - are home to the fascinating Kalasha people. This #PakistanKaPlus highlights the breathtaking beauty of these valleys and their historical significance.

Gol National Park Ka Plus

Astor Markhor is the subspecies of Pakistan’s national animal, Markhor, the largest population of which is found in Chitral Gol National Park. #PakistanKaPlus season 3.0 shows the magnificent beauty of the tributaries that drain into the Chitral Gol and flow southwards into the Kunar River.