season 2

Pakistan is a land of epic beauty. Pakistan Ka Plus season 2 takes you on a journey to explore
the hidden treasures of Pakistan and see the undiscovered riches. We promise, you’ll fall in love!

EPISODE 1 - Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley is home to crystalline waters, striking mountains, and breath-taking views. The snow-capped scenic valley welcomes the tourists with grandeur of the surrounding peaks.

EPISODE 2 - desert Cholistan

The desert of Cholistan is a landscape of a golden carpet of sand with a rich historic value. The desert once encompassed the magnificent Derawar Fort built in the 9th century, the remains of which still hold a majestic aura.

EPISODE 3 - Makran

The calm turquoise water and the long stretch of sand of the Makran Coast is located in Balochistan. Amidst the naturally carved beautiful mountains, the lavish coast of Makran is also a hub for fisherman of the area.