Best Places for Honeymoon in Pakistan

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One of the most exciting adventures a newlywed couple looks forward to is their honeymoon. It is the expedition full of love that prepares the couple for the longtime journey of life. In this article, I shed light on the best places for honeymoon in Pakistan.
I tied the knot in late 2012 and after numerous suggestions from friends and family, I decided to spend my second honeymoon in the northern areas of my country and see what they had to offer us. It was common knowledge that land sliding and snowfall could be detrimental to our visit, hence I waited for the right window. I had a few contacts in Gilgit, it was only after their green signal that I charted my course. During our first year together, we experienced the beauty of Eastern Europe. In the 2 years that followed, we traveled to the most captivating spots in Pakistan parts and made countless memories.

Naran and Kaghan, Unparalleled beauty, Beautiful Places in Pakistan
Empowered by Nature

Naran and Kaghan Valley:

We reached Mansehra by bus, my wife and I are both amateur photographers. We snapped everything from sky touching mountains to lush, green trees bearing mulberries and red cherries. After reaching the valley, we witnessed a vast plain of greenery, where other people had camped. Most of them were couples like us. It was such a romantic scene! There were mountains shrouded in clouds in the backdrop and the sound of slow wind blowing over them – it was the most beautiful feeling ever!
We camped there as well and had the most peaceful and serene 8 hours of our life.
The next day we went to visit the main attraction – Lake Saif Ul Mulook. The lake is simply exquisite – from the crystal-clear water to the cold, frosty mountains surrounding it. My wife and I even took a horse ride around it. Not to mention the food, the lamb chops and mandi left us craving for more. Dudes from north sure know how to cook a delicious meal.

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Set Your Spirit Free


Nagar Valley:

Second on the list is the valley of all valleys, the Nagar Valley. If memory serves me well, I went there in 2013, a year that will always be special as I became father to a boy. Anyways, it was our 2nd tour together, and we were both excited and chuffed.
The law and order situation of Gilgit and Baltistan had improved with officers patrolling the area so, we were not at all scared of our safety. The real magic of the valley lies in its dramatic scenery, and the color changing landscapes (you will know exactly what I mean when you go there) There is nothing more soothing than enjoying nature’s bounties in the presence of locals, who were quite honestly the nicest people I have come across my life.
After spending a week in the wilderness, we went to see the primary attraction, the ‘Rush Lake’. Billed as the highest lake in Pakistan, it is nothing short of magnificent. We reached the glorious lake after passing the Hopar and Miar glaciers, in the presence of a guide. Once there, we all just stood silently, gazing at the spectacle before us. The trekking to the lake provides some otherworldly sights, including meadows and the Rakaposhi mountain range. However, be forewarned, if you are scared of heights, then you might want to skip this adventure!


Beautiful Places in Pakistan, Best Honeymoon Places,
The Land of Joy


If God was an artist, Hunza would be His magnum opus. Numerous friends had given accounts of their amazing trip to this valley which compelled us to witness the majesties of the region on our own.
The difference between this trip and the last one was that we took an aircraft from Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan. The journey was a short one, we stepped out of the airport and got straight into the thick of things. The valley is unrivaled in its sheer beauty, from fallen leaves that resembled sapphires on the ground to the bluebirds hovering over the gorgeous trees, it was nature at its finest.
We also went to see the grandest attraction – the Attabad Lake and it did not disappoint.
The mysterious lake was silent like death, its color and texture unmatched. What amazed us more was that besides us, there were more than 150 people, yet nobody made any noise. Everyone was arrested by the aura of the lake!

My Conclusion:
I have been to other parts of Pakistan too, but I genuinely feel that no other place can match the beauty of the ones mentioned above. Hence, I feel they are the best places for honeymoon. This list is in no particular order, all of them have sights to put you in trance. Be sure to keep warm clothes with you and a box full of napkins and handkerchiefs, there are not many washrooms out in the wild!

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