Beautiful Places in Pakistan – Journey to Kalash Valley

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I am a freelance blogger part time and an engineer full time. The life of an engineer means no social activity and work 24/7. I get some yearly holidays from my company, which I usually do not avail. This time though, I took my quota of leaves and went to see one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan – the heights of Kalash Valley in Chitral.

I am a complete noob when it comes to traveling, so I booked my trip with a travel agency in Islamabad. The agency booked a bus for me. Whenever I go to the beach or a farmhouse, I travel alone with my acoustic guitar and I did the same this time. We departed late night and were scheduled to arrive in Chitral in the wee hours of Friday morning. It was an 8-hour journey in a comfortable air-conditioned bus which I slept through.

The Valley of Kalash – Where Beauty and Prosperity Thrives

I got out of my hotel and went straight for the valleys. On the way, my guide told me that the indigenous people of Kalash are cut off from the world and are the last of their kind to practice Paganism. I was shaken, as I never knew about the origins of the Kalash people. He also told me that they brew their own brand of wine which tastes ridiculously good.

When I reached the valley, I could hear sounds of percussive instruments and as a music lover, I followed the musical notes. As I came closer to the place where the music was playing, I saw some of the most beautiful people; young broads draped in rich, colorful grabs lost in the haunting melodies of drums and whistling.

What struck me was their modesty. The females had the loveliest blue eyes and they seemed to lower their gaze with the most innocent smile while the males were very polite and humble. They were speaking a language that was foreign to me.

Lost in the Moment

I was telling them how I came from Islamabad to witness the beauty of Kalash and its people. The males were wearing a traditional ‘Pakol’ cap while the females had a peacock fur embossed atop their dupatta. They offered me their very own wine, but I instead chose water to quench my thirst. I thanked them for their hospitality and took leave.

Next day, my guitar and guide accompanied me to Bumburet. Once there, I saw a lot of people camping in the wilderness, under the sky surrounded by thick green trees and mountains, that were probably guarding the people of Kalash from foreign infiltration.

I also settled down on the grass below me and took my guitar out. Those were the most peaceful 30 minutes of my life, I took my guitar out and started playing folksy tunes on the instrument. I was completely lost in the wilderness. Sometime later, I was joined by people who were using their hands to create percussive sounds and humming in sync with the guitar. We actually had a live jam in the heart of nature!

Those were the most incredible 3 days of my life. I met some of the most beautiful and mysterious people on the planet as well as enjoying the wild beauty of the Kalash Valley. I recommend everyone who is planning to go on holidays to visit this region, for it is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in Pakistan.


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