Pakistan Travel Guide – Kot Diji – A Piece Of History

My name is Faisal Imtiaz and I’m 23 years old. I am writing this blog to share my experience of visiting the historical sight of Kot Diji. I am a film student, and my field of study requires me to travel far and wide to take shots and make documentaries. This way I get to see some of the most gorgeous places in Pakistan.

When I was in my last year of Bachelors in Media Science, I was required to submit a film or documentary to obtain the degree. I did not have the budget to hire actors for a film, hence I chose to submit a documentary. Since nature has always fascinated me, I wanted it to be the focal point of my documentary. But a lot of blokes were already covering areas like Swat and Gilgit – Baltistan. Hence, I decided to step foot into unchartered territory, and Kot Diji became the focus of my documentary.

Historical Place Of Pakistan


Land of Forgotten Legends

I discussed with my friend who had been to Kot Diji in the past on the prospect of shooting there. They all gave me a green signal and exclaimed that I would have the most phenomenal experience of my life. Taking their word, I took my equipment and went ahead with the idea alongside my team.

We put all the luggage in my friend’s Civic and left Karachi in the wee hours of Saturday. The weather was nice, and a cool breeze was constantly blowing. On our journey, I kept reading about the fort, and the more I read, the more it grew on me. It occurred to me that it is one of the most remarkable heritage sites in Pakistan.

It took us approximately 6 hours to reach the city of Khairpur. Before coming face to face with the fort, we stopped at a local dhaba. The food was scrumptious, however, what I really liked was the tea. It was strong, just as I like it. With our tummies full, we went to see the shooting location – the Kot Diji fort.

I noticed that the entire fort was covered by desert and date palm trees. After all these years, the fort was still standing tall, looking daunting and beautiful at the same time. We showed our cards and no-objection certificates to the authorities and made our entry. We started filming and exploring the place.

Exploring the Fort

One of the first things I noticed was the fort had been constructed to repel enemy attacks. Its gate was huge, must be some 20 meters high, embedded with canon bolts. Inside the fort, we observed that it was almost entirely made out of mud-bricks. Various small compounds were possibly used by the military to formulate strategies. I made sure all of this was captured on the camera.

The more I explored the fort, the more I realized that the fort is a symbolic representation of the great Indus Civilization. We used a stairway that led us to 3 towers that stored cannons back in the days. From there, the forces within the fort could have easily taken the offensive against enemies.

Moreover, several bastions could attack and avert opposition. They had sufficient space in them to hold weapons and gunpowder. At the foot of one of the bastions lies the tomb of king Shaheed Badshah.

Historical place of Pakistan

The attention to detail was spectacular everywhere. I can safely say that the architects that built it were far ahead of their time. I went into one of the rooms and saw an exhibition of pottery and clay made objects. There were elephants, utensils, necklaces, and primal weapons. I wish I could have bought some of the paraphernalia to keep as souvenirs.

It was almost 4 p.m. as we decided to pack our bags. It was an entrancing experience. I went to my camera operator to have a look at the captured shots, and they were just as I wanted them to be. The grand jury declared it to be the best of all the submitted documentaries. But more importantly, the overall experience of visiting an ancient site was something that will be etched in my memory for a long time.




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