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beautiful nagar valley

I was scrolling through the internet randomly on a slow day when I stumbled upon something that came as a surprise. An excerpt from a tourism site read, Shangrila Resort named as the winner of Wiki Loves Earth contest”. I was extremely proud to see the name of a Pakistani place appear at the top of a list, which contained places from far and wide. I had made up my mind at that very moment that I would explore the unexplored fringes of my country.

I told my parents about it, and to my surprise, they did not exude enthusiasm. I am particularly close to my mother, so I asked her about their reaction, and she had this to say, “Son, we’ve been to the glorious heights of Pakistan’s north back when you had not even opened eyes to this world. Needless to say, the place is magical in its beauty.” My mom’s words struck me as lightning since I never knew that Pakistan had such captivating places.

I was misled by our media and their quasi-journalism, which almost entirely portrayed a negative caricature of Pakistan. However, photos from the internet, testimonies of people who visited the northern areas and above all, my parents’ words simply meant that I had to visit Pakistan’s hidden natural treasures!

Fire Painted Across the Skyline

I did a lot of homework before charting a course to the North, did a lot of research online and consulted friends who had been there. After gathering some valuable data, I decided to visit the Nagar Valley, situated in Gilgit – Baltistan. Why? because the place appeared to be the safest and the most prepossessing of all places. Since I was the only child of my parents, I had to take them with me on tour. I jokingly said to them, “How will it feel to revisit your honeymoon memories some 25 years later?”

We took an airplane to reach the tiny airport of Gilgit. We landed and immediately felt the cold breeze hit us. We did not hire a guide since my parents were more than adept to guide us through the city and even if we lost our way, the internet was always to the rescue. We did, however, rent a car.

The scenes that followed were truly gorgeous. We saw the Hindu Kush mountains, which were looking hauntingly beautiful.  The frosty mountains were standing tall as if imploring the onlookers to challenge their might.

We kept moving and saw the plains of Deosai in their full splendor, enchanting everyone around them. The plain was full of vibrant colors, and shrubs that covered the entire terrain – it was a picturesque sight.

Deosai plains- a place to visit

The next day, we made our way to the Nagar Valley, and the hype around it did not disappoint us. The valley was covered in clouds, and the sky was covered in hues of bronze and gold as if someone had painted fire across the skyline. I for a moment just spread my arms open, closed my eyes and allowed the overwhelming force of nature take over my soul.

Right behind me were my parents who were laying on the grass, holding each other’s hands, and looking at the sky above them. It was a timeless moment and something that will live in my memory for a long, long time. I never wanted our mini tour to end, but it obviously had to. I made sure that all those priceless moments were captured on tape, especially the ones involving my parents in a buoyant mood. We finally departed that surreal place with incredibly fond memories in our hearts. As the saying goes, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.


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