Into The Divine Beauty of Hunza – Travel Diary

Hunza A valley

This is a travel diary of Hunza; a place that needs no second introduction. The place is widely dubbed as one of Pakistan’s most beautiful tourist attractions, and the people who visit it corroborate this statement. Hunza Valley is part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region and includes monuments that draw people from all over the globe. As a Pakistani, it had always been on my bucket list, and I couldn’t find a better occasion than my honeymoon to experience the beauty of Hunza.

I had tied the knot with my childhood sweetheart in late 2016. We were euphoric and wanted to spend some quality time alone. However, honeymoon outside of Pakistan was proving to be very expensive.  We didn’t have much time as I had taken a week’s off from work, so I acted upon the advice of my elders and decided to head over to Hunza.

Beauty of Hunza – Here We Come

My wife and I hardly had the time to do any shopping. But we were wise enough to purchase a pair of sweaters, jackets, and gloves. We booked a bus, and thus our honeymoon expedition began. It was very refreshing to see that the bus almost entirely constituted of couples like us, who were on their honeymoon. They were singing songs, sharing blankets, and looking out of the window – enjoying every bit of the adventure.

It was a tiring journey, and my significant other was resting her head on my shoulder. I looked at her face and passed a grin. We finally reached our basecamp at Rakaposhi. Our guide told us that this place is renowned for its altitude, and the whispering winds that touch the tip of the mountains and enter your soul.

Both of us were standing at the plateau and watching the blue sky, beneath which there were trees, rocks, and water flowing from various sources amalgamating into one. It was a scene where words fail you, and you just stare in awe. The beauty of Hunza had infected us!

Our next pit stop was the much celebrated Altit Fort. The place had a magical aura to it. The lane leading to the fort had a botanical garden full of cherries, orchards, and lush green grass. Inside the castle, ancient architecture and objects greeted us. Objects like knives, pots, archaic swords were hanging from the wall.  The fort was built by the indigenous tribe of ‘Shamans’ who used to practice an altered state of consciousness to interact with what they believed to be the spirit world. Our guide told us that there are still people who practice shamanism.

Altit Fort
An Exterior view of Altit Fort


Beauty of Ages – The Gojal Village

We finally made our way to the Gojal Village, where the locals greeted us. They were extremely hospitable, and the excitement on their faces to see people donning jeans and shirts was evident. The valley itself was blended in yellow and green color; depicting the shades of autumn and spring concurrently. The power of nature took us over, as time stood still. We also saw Markhor standing majestically atop a mountain. We just didn’t want our tour ever to end!

Those 4 days that made up our tour felt like 4 decades. We saw glorious sights that just took us by surprise. We did not even explore the entirety of Hunza because of time constraints, but the places we did get the chance to visit were simply majestic. I would recommend the northern areas of Pakistan to anyone who wants to have the time of their life without denting their wallet.



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