A Journey of Solitude to a land glittering in beauty.

Skardu Amazing place

My name is Fahad Bin Faisal and in this blog I want to bring to light the beauty that lies in Skardu. I have lived pretty much my entire life in the busy suburbs of Lahore. Here the only sights you can get to see are cars honking their horns and people grabbing each other by their collars under a burning sun. Life after university becomes very mundane with work.

My job was quite exhausting and I really needed to go off to someplace far away. Truth was, I wanted to avoid human contact for some time! I knew from my friends living abroad that Pakistan has the status of paradise in Asia. The northern areas host some of the most magnificent sights in our country. And so, I along with 3 friends from my university decided to embark on the most memorable journey of our lives – winter was coming! My friend Ajmal was waiting with his old trusted workhorse Nissan in Islamabad. The 3 of us here in Lahore packed our luggage, and the journey began.

The Adventure Begins

We went all the way to Islamabad and then from there to Skardu, in the Nissan. The journey was not short excitement. The roads, the godforsaken roads were so dangerous that a second of the lapse in concentration would veer the car off the road and down in the abyss!

We astutely maneuvered our way past the tricky roads and made our way to the Karakoram highway and behold! We were greeted by mountains sky high capped off by ice to the right and vast, lush green plains to the left moving with the wind. The valleys had eclectic flowers and trees of all sizes and colors. Time froze us as we could not believe our eyes. There were mini lakes all along the way and the sun next to them, gracefully glowing over the scene.

Skardu Place

We made our way to the Baltoro Glacier, one of the world’s largest glaciers. It felt as if the layers of thick ice cream had covered the land the mountains – we were all tempted to feast our taste buds upon it. I just lay there, motionless, looking at the sky, enjoying the ethereal beauty.


Skardu Fort

Our next stop was the Skardu Fort, built in the 16th century. The entire fort is perched above all the adjoining rivers, sitting at the top, like an emperor on its throne. The fort had fascinating scenes to offer from the inside, you could feel the royal vibes emanating from it. It was a supreme feeling to be in the fort some 1000 feet above sea level.

Skardu Fort


Every good thing comes to an end, and now it was time for us to end our beautiful trip and return back to our normal lives. We were all very sad to be returning back home. It was a mind opening experience, I would definitely love the chance to go there again in my life at least once.



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