Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Pakistan has always been hailed as a paradise for adventurous souls. From the valleys and mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the deserts and beaches of Baluchistan, we have some of the most unique combinations of natural beauty in the world. In the last two episodes, Pakistan Ka Plus took us to some exotic locations. The places which were never covered or documented before, Pakistan Ka Plus took the initiative to explore their culture, art and people.

Similarly, in the third episode we witnessed the beautiful Makran coast which is located in Baluchistan. It has one the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan, with one of the richest coastal areas. The overall area has a majestic grandeur which makes the overall experience mesmerizing. Alongside, the splendid beaches, there is a beautiful sculpture, Princess of Hope, a natural rock formed statue that stands tall looking beyond horizons (maybe for hope). Makran is a unique coastal region which is accommodated with mountains too.

The mountains round the edges of Makran are considered to be the mountains with rich natural resources. Running along the Arabian Sea coastline, Makran Coastal Highway is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world.

Today many people are now headed to Makran to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the beach, the sight is too beautiful to be true and this was revealed by the team of Pakistan ka Plus. Hats off to ‘Zeera Plus’ for exploring this beauty!


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