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Even though our lives are busy with professional and family commitments, we all have that one absolutely positive thing in our lives - a plus that makes life worth living – which drives us on to reach new heights of joy. But what is that plus? Let us find out.

Adding taste to your life, Zeera Plus brings you PAKISTAN KA PLUS, a platform that celebrates the colors, traditions, and locations of Pakistan, seldom seen before. On this trip, we will unravel the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

The real beauty of Pakistan lies in the fact that the place is eclectic – it has diverse landscapes and a beautiful mélange of flora and fauna. An extraordinarily beautiful place, which is rich in tropical rainforests and expansive deserts, modern infrastructure and historical places, snowy hillsides, and towering mountains, glorious sun-kissed beaches and a lot more! Pakistani towns and out-of-the-way villages have adventure written all over them.

From sophisticated cities to soulful traditions, we explore it all. Making the nation proud at home and abroad. The local musicians offer a distinctive Pakistani sound that is truly unique. From qawwalis and bhangra to ghazals and rock music, you will absolutely love the fascinating harmonies of Pakistan.

Pakistan ranks among one of the most beautiful countries to appear on the world map, where natural beauty knows no bounds. Famous places to visit in Pakistan are in such abundance that a lifetime would not be enough to visit them. However, PAKISTAN KA PLUS is here to take you on a roller coaster ride through some of the places to visit in Pakistan. The best sights, sounds, and sceneries of the country await you.

Let’s start. Shall we?